Meditation improves memory retention

A recent medical study conducted confirmed that consistent meditational practices increase gyrification. This essentially means that the brain creates more folds on the cortex which enhances memory retention capability. Brain waves in regular meditation practitioners are seen to adjust better as well.

Meditation slows down neurodegenerative diseases

Meditation not only reduces stress but proves a positive relation in slowing down the extensive formation of neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer were introduced to traditional meditation practices and submitted positive results of less cognitive decline and a higher sense of wellbeing.

Meditation increases multitasking capabilities

Studies indicated that indulging in mindfulness meditation for a fact can enhance one’s multitasking abilities. Regular participants of meditation who practiced twice daily for a minimum of two hours showed increased multitasking abilities as compared to those who do not meditate. Meditation allows its participants to apprehend interruptions and other distractions without losing focus of the task at hand.

Meditation helps manage pain

Aside from providing you with various health benefits, regular meditation can help you manage pain by reducing the perception of pain. How this achieved you ask? Meditation trains the brain to change the manner in which it perceives and anticipates pain.

Meditation instills kindness

Regular meditation cannot only reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety but instill a sense of compassion and understanding as well. Meditational practices increase the sense of social inter-connectedness among strangers thus increasing emotions of kindness and love in the brain.

Meditation can help the brain to function better

Meditation has ridiculous amounts of benefits mentally. Studies confirm that the longer you spent meditating, the more beneficial it is for your mind. Meditation is known to loosen up neural pathways flowing with negative sensations such as fear and anxiety and instead form new neural pathways with positive thoughts and empathetic responses. One unusual tip is to try to go out into your garage, turn off the lights, and allow the quietness and darkness allow you to relax and get into your practice. If you are looking for some great recommendations for ways to insulate and quiet your entire garage, start with your garage door and check this out.

Meditation can help one’s ability to take better decisions

Engaging in regular and consistent meditation can help increase gyrification of the cortex. This, as a result, creates more surface area in the brain as compared to average brains. Additional surface areas mean that the mind is capable of processing more neural information and perform at better than optimal levels, which as a result increases the ability to take better decisions.