The benefits of meditation are endless. It not only entails psychological benefits but medical benefits as well.

Stress and anxiety relief

Meditating regularly, can for a fact help significantly reduce stress and anxiety present in the body. It helps regulates hormonal levels and balance the central nervous system which as a result will lead to calmness in the body and mind.

Heart diseases and ailments

Meditation can help reduce the presence and occurrence of various heart diseases by increasing the functional capacity of individuals. Reports suggested that meditation can help reduce the risk of heart disease by 30 percent and risk of stroke by 48 percent.

Regulates blood pressure

Performing deep meditation techniques can help monitor and reduce blood pressure levels on an average of 7mm/Hg. When blood pressure is regulated, underlying ailments associated with it such as kidney failure, damage to arteries, cardiac arrest, aneurysm, etc. are substantially reduced.

Immune system

Regularly indulging in transcendental meditation practices can for a fact, help strengthen the body’s immune system by boosting the power of immune cells meant for fighting off harmful bacteria and virus.

Slower aging

The telomere is an essential factor which plays a crucial role in maintaining the cells freshness and health. Telomere present in regular meditation practitioners is seen to get refreshed and improved which ultimately results in a longer and healthier life by decreasing aging symptoms.

Helps cancer patients

Patients diagnosed with cancer are recommended to consider beneficial practices of yoga and transcendental meditation as non-invasive supportive care.

Autism spectrum disorders

Regular indulgence in meditation can teach the mind to calm down naturally and progressively. This helps victims of regular anger management issues turn into happy and calm personalities.

Helps alcohol and drug addiction

Consistent meditation enables one to gain control of his or her mind and firmly abstain from regularly indulging in alcohol, cigarettes and other types of drugs. With regular practice, the abstinence will grow stronger as well.



Daily practitioners of meditation are seen to erase any sort of work-related stress and underlying symptoms of depression.

Eating disorders

Victims of eating disorders are typically initiated through binge eating when under stress. Eradicating such stress will significantly help stop binge eating and eating disorders.

Stop smoking

A study revealed that meditation is comparatively more effective in hindering smoking than therapy. A figure of nearly 50 percent of smokers quit smoking in the first two years after succumbing to meditational practices.


Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms are observed to reduce substantially in regular practitioners of meditation.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms such as sleeping issues, lack concentration, depression, etc. are seen to be effectively redressed through regular indulgence in meditation.