Everyone tends to get stressed out in life, one way or the other. Some find other means to vanish such stress rather than through meditation. For those who want to meditate but initially find it confusing as to as how and when to start, can avail the help of useful meditation apps present in the app store.

Simply being

A perfect choice for beginners in the meditation realm, simply being stands true to its name due to its profound sense of simplicity. The app comes at a minimal price of $1.99 in the market but has a wide array of options to choose from. You can select from five different meditation durations customizable to your preference of nature sounds and mild voice guidance.


For $9.99 a month, omvana is probably the most customizable meditation app. It allows you to mix vocal tracks and sounds from various speeches accompanied by soothing music. Moreover, omvana has a library of over 500 tracks of self-guidance meditation and relaxation audio.

WhiteNoise Lite

WhiteNoise is more a music app that enables you to mix and create your own customized relaxation or meditation audio from over 40 preloaded white noise sounds such as crashing of waves, the sound of falling droplets of rain, etc. What’s better is that it is absolutely free of cost.


The equanimity app is not best recommended for beginners as it more of a reminder than a meditation guidance app. The app alerts you of the end of the meditation session with the sound of chimes, bells, and gongs. It is best suited for experienced meditators as it lacks any meditation guidance audio. Equanimity enables you to take notes after your session for later review which is very useful and is fetched with a price tag of $4.99.

10% happier

Unlike other typical meditation apps, 10% happier is based more on facts sourcing from neuroscience than focusing on spiritual elements. The app offers quick advice for stressed-out customers, teaches basic meditation to advanced meditation techniques, all for free of cost.


For those extremely hectic individuals that lack the time to a lot for meditation can use buddhify. This particular app provides you with valuable relaxation techniques, motivation talks and inspirational quotes, all while commuting, eating and sleeping by hooking a pair of headphones.



The free of cost app focuses more on scientific facts than spirituality. Headspace avails various techniques to inculcate compassion, kindness, and peace in the minds of its listeners. The app allows its users to keep track of their mood and listen to self-guidance meditation audio.