You are what you eat. Now, how many times have you heard that phrase being thrown around? It is true though! Take for instance your performance at the gym. When you eat something heavy and head to the gym, you will not be able to function as well as you did when you went in after eating something healthy. Likewise, your meditation depends on what you eat before you sit down to practice mindfulness.


You might not realize, but you’re probably putting yourself through hardships by simply not sticking to a proper routine, not timing your meals properly. If you feel drowsy while doing your normal day to day tasks, your diet is mostly what you need to check first. It is ideal to wait for a minimum of one or two hours before you meditate.


The science


For those of you who believe that being mindful about what you eat is an urban myth of sorts, there is actual evidence to prove the benefits of a proper diet. This concept mostly revolves around digestion. You will most likely have trouble focusing on meditating right after you eat because your body just got its fuel and now it is busy processing and breaking down what you just ate, which requires all the blood from your system to be drawn in for that activity which ultimately causes you to feel sleepy right after you eat.


We, however, need to consider that everybody is unique and everyone’s body reacts differently to different things.  Ideally, it is suggested that giving your body time to recover and timing your activities promotes efficiency.

Say yes to these



Foods that are low in their sugar content are safe. Fruits like peaches, bananas, blueberry, guavas, and apples are good for your body mostly because it helps in felicitating the production of glucose that can help you stay alert.



Yes, you read that right. Chocolate! Though it is advisable to avoid milk chocolates, dark chocolates do not cause any harm. Other than producing dopamine, it contains flavonoids that help in remembering things and increases the flow of blood to your brain. Not too many though, just a few pieces should do the trick.


Dry fruits

How healthy does that sound? Almonds take the throne for this part because they help your appetite by keeping those hunger pangs away and keeping you energized since they contain essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, magnesium and potassium.



Staying hydrated is very important. Other than helping you flush out toxins, it helps in making you feel energized and refreshed.


Say no to these

  • Coffee
  • Carbohydrates
  • Aerated drinks
  • Dairy